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Our customers say it best!

I am a local Realtor and I needed an evaluation on a poured concrete floor. A-1 was communicative in scheduling a time to come see the property. They didn't charge for coming out to do the evaluation, and were extremely honest in letting us know that the floor was in good shape and didn't need their services at this time. I will use them in the future and recommend them to anyone needing the services they provide!

Marion N

Greg and the A-1 Concrete team have eliminated a huge safety issue at my Centerville office by leveling our shifting sidewalk in several locations. Quality workmanship, clean-up and service with a smile define my experience there. I hired A-1 Concrete to also repair my driveway which was shifting due to the freeze/thaw cycle. Thrilled with the service, and the price was incredibly fair, to say the least!

Anthony Sucato

I never had had this process done before. It was excellent. Worked out just as I had hoped. As an added benefit, it is always nice to do business with people who are enjoyable and these guys were. Like

Preston H

Great company! Showed up on time, completed the work the same day. I had a driveway and sidewalk that were uneven. I highly recommend using them! Thank you.

Glen Miller

This company is honest, fair, and very knowledgeable! They raised a floor that had sunk on one side of a room last year. It was amazing to watch. We had another issue this year that I contacted them about. When the owner came to check it out, he told us how to take care of it ourselves at no cost. Love this company!

Diane Zimmaro

Quick service and great pricing. They leveled two bedrooms in a matter of hours. Would definitely recommend!


I used them spring of 2017 to level my concrete sidewalk going up to my house. They were dependable and reasonably priced. Some places with my sidewalk had dropped 1” or more & I was concerned with people tripping & falling. It is now spring of 2018 and the sidewalk still looks perfect after a year. Highly recommend them ?

Lynn Maxwell Busse

Professional through and through. Raised brick-covered stoop sunken 6+ inches from chipmunk nesting. Clean up was very well done, price was competitive, they arrived on time, worked arduously and did a great job on the extra brick work their competitor would not cover. Nice family business owners. Highly recommend!

Susan Schindel

They've just done leveling my uneven front porch 5 minutes ago. I am extremely impressed with the work and I highly recommend them to anyone! Just unbelievable!! Amazing!!

Maria Worthy

Professional crew & very efficient procedure.

Shirley Gambrell

Fantastic experience! The slab of our house sank on both ends. To complicate things, we have slab heat. These guys did a fantastic job!!

Karen Harmon

Extremely!! happy with the prompt arrival and honesty. After a very thorough examination by staff I was told I really didn't need their service after all. I was very lucky to find the honest company among the group. Thank you A-1!

Jerry Malicki

Greg L. and Nate did a beautiful job in filling the voids under our porch, sidewalk, and driveway. I researched several competitors, and received three bids on our job, and we are so glad we chose Greg at A-1. I had hired them years ago for a sidewalk leveling when we still lived in Huber Heights. Now we're in Lebanon and I reached out to him on the off-chance he covered our area down here, too. He came in person to size up the job, discussed the options to fix the problems (voids under the concrete were threatening to collapse parts of our driveway, sidewalk, and porch) and he advised us on how to prevent a recurrence in future. What's more, he priced lower than the competitors! What a joy to work with such honest, caring, and talented people! The repair looks fabulous!

Richard & Therese D

Wow, so impressed with Greg and his service. He leveled my guest bedroom floor perfectly with no mess, taking time to ensure a high quality job. I highly recommend Greg and his team. Gary, Centerville,

Gary Balonier

A-1 Concrete Leveling IS the real deal. They gave me a quote last fall and I called to get my work scheduled this May. No change in quoted price! Nate arrived at 9 am this morning to begin the process with a helper and they got down to business. Precisely timed and coordinated actions between both these young guys resulted in large sections of my 2-car driveway becoming level with each other in short order. Next was the curving front walkway near the front porch. Precisely located holes drilled by Nate brought the walkway up at least an inch to match the short section of the porch. Nicely done, Nate! Now, basketballs won't bound out of bounds because of a 1-1/2'' drop between sections of concrete. And, my homeowner's policy isn't in danger of trips and falls approaching our front door. In fact, as Nate was leaving, I put the 2 Signal orange cones back in my garage instead of them sitting on either side of the walkway by the front door. Call these guys and get peace of mind and a very long term solution to dangerous and unsightly un-level concrete structures. Believe me...this was an uplifting experience!

Gary Crowell

I received two referrals to use this company for my concrete leveling - and I am so glad I did. They leveled our home's concrete slab after it had dropped about 1 inch. I cannot recommend them enough! They are our go-to company for concrete work in Dayton, Ohio.

shaun frost

This company is one of the very few that are the real deal. Most experience, exceptional value, great result and they are true professionals. If you are in need of this service, I would not hesitate to call these guys. It would be a mistake not to.

Daniel Peters

Thorough, easy, fast, and very clean. Would highly recommend.

Dana DeToto



These guys are awesome. In and out in 20 minutes. Very professional and proud of their work. . Thank you so much for the work. My walkway looks perfect! I highly recommend A-1 for your concrete leveling work..

Robert Shaw

These guys did a great job. I’d use them again anytime

Will Wagner
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